Thursday, October 06, 2011

Light diagrams for dancers (Part 2)

We liked the lights in the photo to give that backstage feel and decided rather than changing things a great deal just rotate some dancers through and go with the best one.
I like giving my clients options.  We tried a few different looks with different dancers.  By swapping out dancers in the same lighting scheme you get a totally different look.  If we had even more time you could have tried a few more outfits to also give you more options.

It is very important for photographers to understand that by shooting verticals and horizontal photos of the same subject the client now has options that helps them do much more from the time they invested with the photographer. More important than the options is the best photo looks even better when they see you tried to get more.

If a photographer only shows one image from the shoot then a client will wonder why you didn't try something more.  Often by showing them a variety they see how the photographer tried different things but the subject just didn't make it happen.  This of course is why you sometimes pay for the professional model who can give you the best expression and body language options like the photographer is trying to do with camera angles, composition and lighting. 

Lighting Diagram for the photo above
These photos are not all that different in lighting, but the big difference is in the dancer and the way they are posed and the expression they bring to the moment.

Which one of these do you like the most?  Can you tell me why you like it better than the other photos?


Just like you vary the lights, the poses and do everything to give the client choices, do this in your estimates.

I try to offer some options whenever possible. The client may choose the cheapest package, but by offering the option where if you had unlimited funds you could do this, the client appreciates your creativity and willingness to be flexible.

Sometimes I must give even cheaper package and show that it lacks what they need to show them I can be flexible on price, but they might have to loose something as well.

I hope you take away the concept to go the 2nd Mile and give superior service by giving the client more options.

Sometimes the attitude of the subject in combination with the composition and lighting can create the mood you are looking for. 

Lighting diagram for the photo of the dancer on the bar

By just bringing the dancer forward and moving the grid to highlight her face we got a different look with very little changing.

Lighting diagram of dancer in front of the bar

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