Sunday, October 02, 2011

Light diagrams for dancers

The client was looking for a "Gritty Look" and we decided to use a brick wall to look like you are backstage and tossing in the lights with gels in the background to add to the effect.
"Our dance department needs some photos for a poster to promote the department," was the request.  After talking about the request and what they wanted in more detail I realized we were going to wing this one.

I packed up in my van all my lights and backgrounds.  I had most of my cameras and lenses with me.

They wanted gritty and edgy in one photo.  Then they wanted other traditional photos for ballet.

Here are two from the photo shoot with the diagrams of how I used lights in the photos.  My next blog I will show a couple more photos from the shoot as well.

The is the lighting diagram for the photo above.

Do you have a favorite from these two?  If so why did you pick it over the other one.  What would you change if you could on these photos?  There is always a place to comment on these blogs below.
This is more of a classic look and I liked the moment a lot.  The columns were in a lobby and we decided to use these to help set the mood.  Used a warm gel to also help convey a warm moment.

This is the diagram for the Ballerina by herself.

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