Monday, February 11, 2013

Tip for covering events

This is a tip I learned today from my fellow photographer friend Nathan Fowler.

If you are covering a meeting then take photo of the schedule as the very first photo on the camera. This way you can easy reference it.

Your camera will by default show you the last photo you made and there for to start at the beginning is just a click to next photo which takes you back to your first. This way you can pull up the schedule and review it easily. 

Why do this? How often are in in a dark room in the back covering a meeting and cannot see the schedule. On the LCD on the camera it is lit up easy to see. You can zoom in and read the details.

I will be doing this for now on, how about you?


Ann Parry said...

Helpful advice, Stanley Leary!

Similarly, gather PROGRAMS & HANDOUTS as soon as possible - before they run out - and photograph all pages with info that might be useful.

Also, on arrival, get BUSINESS CARDS (or at least name/contact #) of those in charge of event/media, if you don't already have this info.
- Ann Parry

John Russell said...

When shooting sporting events, I always photograph the team roster, which shows numbers on jerseys, names, et al...then the information is always in the file with each game, forever displaying vital information later, whenever it is needed.....