Tuesday, October 29, 2013

International Missions Photography Workshop for Students

For many years a few of my friends have been talking about how to offer a hands on workshop for those who feel a call to use their camera in missions.

Jeff Raymond, ABWE Director of Visual Communications, called me and we talked for a while about our dreams.

There are a few things that needed to come together for this to work. Along with James Dockery, ESPN Video Editor, Jeff Raymond and myself we will be helping to train college students in storytelling for missions.

Next May we are taking 9 students to Lisbon, Portugal where each of them will work on a multimedia project telling a story about the missionary work in Lisbon.

The students will go through all the stages of the storytelling process. As they work on the project, each day they will receive instruction, opportunities to capture images and then receive critique so that they can then make adjustments the next day and continue to refine the story.

If you know of college students or are one yourself that is interested go to this link [http://www.abwe.org/serve/opportunities/photo-workshop] to learn more and register. We are taking applications and those who register prior to December 1st will be given priority. This is not the final deadline, but we encourage you to register early.


Tim Shirey said...

That's an amazing opportunity for students to get this valuable hands-on training! There's a need (and interest) for this kind of training in missions.

I sooo wish I had this kind of jumpstart 30 yrs. ago when starting out in missions (missions-multimedia production). I ended up "cramming" the 15 day workshop into 30 yrs. ;-)

Is this the first time for this workshop? Plans for more in the future?
ABWE is doing a great work.

~ Tim

Stanley Leary said...


This is their first workshop like this. I am sure if this fills up they will most likely do this again.

I too wish there was something like this when I was in my twenties.