Saturday, December 14, 2013

Custom White Balance vs Presets

Custom White Balance using ExpoDisc
Today I shot the Wreaths Across America Day event at Roswell Presbyterian Cemetery.

While shooting this I realized many folks assume those presets for white balance will give good enough results. Well sometimes they do. They will put you in the ballpark for each type of situation.

Auto White Balance 
Now you maybe satisfied with Auto White Balance. The point here is notice it is different than the custom white balance above.

It was raining and they really don't have a rainy preset.

Cloudy Preset
While the cloudy preset is closer I think it is a little too orange.

Daylight Preset
Even the Daylight preset is different.

Shade Preset
I think the Shade Preset is the closest, but still some minor differences.

The latest version of the ExpoDisc 2.0 comes with warming filters. They are slightly a cyan color of different densities to let you pick how much you want to warm up your image. So without them you get a pure 18% grey and by adding these you warm up the photo just a bit.

You just put the warming gel in the front of the ExpoDisc and then take your reading. This way you can keep a consistent warming to all your photos.

So what should you do?  I would advise always doing custom. You can always change it later using Adobe Lightroom if you shot it RAW.

To the left here is the pull down menu that is available to you in Adobe Lightroom if you shot it RAW. These are very similar to the presets on your camera.

Sometimes the perfect custom white balance maybe not your preference in the end.

Just click on the link below to see more of the photos from Wreaths Across America Day at Roswell Presbyterian Cemetery.

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