Friday, December 13, 2013

Loving the Fuji X E2 for Portraits

I am really loving the Fuji X E2 with the 18-55mm kit lens for shooting portraits.

The first time I was shooting in the studio on manual I discovered a problem with the default setting is the screen will be black when shooting in a studio with say settings of ISO 200, 1/180 and ƒ/11. I was talking with my friend Gibbs Frazeur who had bought the Fuji X100S and he called me up after I complained and told me to go to the manual on page 40.

You can change the preview exposure in manual mode to off so you can see what you are photographing with the available light. Then when the camera takes the photo it will capture the settings you have set on the camera.

What I really like with the camera is how sharp the photos are from the camera.  Here is a closeup of the eyes from the photo above.

Here is another photo of my daughter and then a closeup as well in that photo.

Closeup of the photo above.

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