Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nikon D4 vs Fuji X E2 in Studio

Studio Comparison

First of all after importing the RAW images from the Nikon and Fuji into PhotoMechanic I noticed one thing right away—file size. The Fuji RAF file was 32MB as compared to the Nikon NEF 18.2MB.

After import I went into Adobe Lightroom and selected lens profile to change. The Fuji doesn't have that data yet for Lightroom. They have lens modulation optimizer built into the camera.  Here is how it works:

You may want to read about the Quest for Highest Possible Resolution by Fuji HERE.

Second step was getting the comparison closer to each other, so I used the eye dropper and clicked on the white background to get similar white balance.

Then I exported them.

See for yourself

Nikon D4, 28-300mm ISO 100 [Click on here for high res]
Fuji X E2, 18-55mm ISO 200 [Click here photo for high res]
I shot at the lowest recommended ISO for each manufacturer.  Click on the links above to see full resolution JPEG images.

Nikon D4 cropped version of the photo above
Fuji X E2 cropped version of the photo
I suggest downloading the high resolution and do all the pixel peeping you like.

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