Monday, March 10, 2014

Photographers: Daylight Savings Time—More Than Clocks

Menu for resetting the Fujifilm X-E2
Saturday's Headline—Daylight Saving Time: Set Your Clocks Ahead Tonight

Did you get all your clocks set forward?  I know it usually takes a couple weeks for me to remember all the clocks I have around me.

One that many photographers forget is the ones on their camera. Be sure you take the time today to adjust your camera's clock.

My Nikon D4 lets you even set the Time Zone you are in. This is great when traveling and you really just need to show the time zone you are shooting in.
Many people use this time each fall and spring to remind them to do more than just change their clocks. I recommend everyone add to the list of things to do around clock changes each spring and fall.

Here are some for photographers to do that need to be done every so often, but not something you need to do all the time.

  1. Firmware Updates
    1. For your camera
    2. For your lenses
    3. For your flashes
  2. Software updates
Here are two links to check if you have a Nikon or Fujifilm camera.  

The reason you want to get everything updated is to get the best performance out of your gear.