Monday, March 31, 2014

Storytelling using multimedia to tell the story

How many times have you been called on to talk to a group and you have either said or wanted to say, "You just had to be there to know what I am talking about?"

When I traveled to see the coffee growers in Salvador Urbina in the southern most part of Mexico in the state of Chiapas I was there to help tell their story.

Here is one of the latest packages I just had translated into English from Spanish. This is David Velázquez the current president of the cooperative Just Coffee. Please go there and buy their coffee. For those who are coffee aficionados it is premium arabica coffee.

I decided to use primarily still photos for the b-roll for a reason. I think those moments allow you to pause and listen to David at the same time.

The human voice is the most powerful audio I know for video, especially when you can hear it in their voice. Here the voice over talent Craig Carden did a great job of capturing the mood of David Velázquez.

I am blending Video, Audio and Still images which I think together is a better package than any of these alone would be by themselves.

I let David tell his story and then I went through the days of shooting and pick as many of the images I could that related to what he is talking about.

I hope you enjoyed it. Call me if you want to take a class from me on how to do storytelling using multimedia.