Monday, May 19, 2014

When you travel give yourself a little time to acclimate

Nikon D4, 14-24mm, ISO 100, ƒ/8, 1/500
I am teaching a class with two of my friends Jeff Raymond, from ABWE, and James Dockery, ESPN, this week in Lisbon, Portugal. Our first day of class is Monday, which is today.

Yesterday we let the students shoot around the area just to get acclimated to the time zone change. These photos are while we went around Lisbon and nearby to just take in some of the sights.

Nikon D4, 14-24mm, ISO 100, ƒ/8, 1/500
I shot this one of the palace while we drove by it. Keeping my shutter speed pretty high helped me not worry about the camera movement due to the van we were in at the time.

Nikon D4, 28-300mm, ISO 100, ƒ/4.5, 1/800
I would always suggest a little time to acclimate to the location before diving quickly into the story. One of the reasons is if you have never been to that part of the world you are getting to feel the location and not just react immediately as you would be doing while telling the story.

Nikon D4, 14-24mm, ISO 7200, ƒ/8, 1/100
Here is James Dockey, an editor for ESPN TV, that is enjoying conversing with the lady at the coffee shop and some of the students in the class we are teaching. One of the best ways to acclimate is to eat the food and enjoy their coffee.

Nikon D4, 14-24mm, ISO 4500, ƒ/8, 1/100
Here James is with the ladies who served us and the espresso and some pastries. While this was James' food I got the same. WOW that was delicious.

We are now all rested and adjusted to the time zone and ready for diving into our storytelling on Lisbon for the rest of the week. Stay tuned for some more from Lisbon.