Sunday, June 22, 2014

The most under utilized setting on a camera

Your photos may look a great deal better if they were in focus in the viewfinder. This is how you make sure they are in focus.

Most cameras today have a diopter adjustment dial near the viewfinder. This arrow is pointing to the diopter adjustment on the Fuji X-E2.

The camera is equipped with diopter adjustment in the range –4 to +2 m–1 to accommodate individual differences in vision.  Rotate the diopter adjustment control until the viewfinder display is in sharp focus.

Fuji covers this in the basic setup of the camera, right after you set the date and time for the camera. It is more important than all the other settings like: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Focus settings. Why? You need to see the subject and know if it is in focus and also read all the information that they provide you in the viewfinder.

First Steps 
  1. Attaching the Strap 
  2. Attaching a Lens 
  3. Charging the Battery 
  4. Inserting the Battery and a Memory Card 
  5. Compatible Memory Cards 
  6. Turning the Camera on and Of  
  7. Basic Setup 
  8. Choosing a Display 
  9. Focusing the Viewfinder 
  10. Adjusting Display Brightness
The great advantage of the mirrorless Fuji X-E2 over a conventional DSLR is when looking through the viewfinder you can do everything through it. So once you adjust the diopter you don't need your glasses to review images or change settings in the menu, just use the EVF instead of the LCD screen.