Friday, July 25, 2014

Why I own Nikon and Fuji camera systems

I now own two camera systems and I am not alone.

I think my friend Gary S. Chapman put it perfectly yesterday when I was talking to him. He believes we have gone back to the way we used to be before digital, multiple formats for the right job.

I used to shoot with 4x5 Linhoff, 2 1/4 Hasselblad and 35mm Nikon film cameras. Then when digital came along we all tried to get one camera to do it all.

For a while I think that is what I was doing and to a certain extent the Nikon D4 is doing. I shoot sports, general assignment work and most important addition--VIDEO. Two of the three things I shoot regularly the Fuji system just isn't cutting it: Sports and Video.

So I find I love Fuji X-E2 for shooting what I call general assignment still photography work great. It does affect your workflow just a bit. The Fuji does take longer to ingest because the file sizes are almost double the Nikon D4 RAW files.

Many of the clients that I shoot for are all photographers themselves. Some of them have gone out and bought the Fuji system based on what they saw from my images caught with the Fuji system. To me the Fuji system is like the Leica M series was when I shot that with film. I think for a while Fuji X system for many photographers will be an addition but not a replacement system.

Just like I want one camera bag that will do it all I think I want a camera system that will do it all. Just like the reason I own multiple bags to use for different purposes, so too I will own different cameras for different purpose.

I find that if I need some camera gear—meaning if it will help me retain or get new clients the equipment always pays for itself. I would not own most of my system if this were a hobby. I couldn't justify it. Lucky for me the gear keeps me quite competitive in this ever changing market.