Thursday, October 23, 2014

easyCover–The Otterbox for your camera

When I bought my Nikon D4 cameras I was looking for a silicon cover like the Otterbox so many people use on their Smart Phones.

I couldn't find them anywhere. Just before I took off for my trip to Honduras I was searching the web again and found the easyCover [].

I had invested $12,000 in two Nikon D4 cameras and I really wanted them to last. Taking care of them was very important.

For only $39.95 the easyCover is slim and smooth protects your camera from bumps, scratches, sand and dust. The custom-fit silicone provides a secure grip, and there are two included screen protectors, one hard and one soft, to shield the LCD.

The only downside is while you can still use all your buttons it doesn't label them.  So if your camera is new to you this could take a little getting used to. For me I pretty much can work my Nikon D4 in the dark.

This is my review that I posted at B&H:
Saves Cameras in Fall
I recently was covering a parade in Charleston SC and was on a park bench. As I stepped down I caught my foot and broke it. Fell on my back and shattered my 28-300mm. But both cameras had no scratches. I am sure that without the easyCover on the Nikon D4 cameras there would have been scratches and more damage.
So thrilled with the covers. Wish I had them available when I first bought the cameras.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Nikon & Canon

They make this only for the Nikon and Canon cameras. To see if your model is available go here to their list of cameras []

While the easyCover doesn't come with a warranty for your camera, I can tell you from my personal experience that for those who have been putting tape all over their cameras to protect them that I believe this is superior to that, because the silicone give you a little bump protection and tape only really helps with scratches.

Pays for itself

When you sell your camera the condition of the camera makes a huge difference in the price you get for the camera.

The price difference that B&H gives between Like New $3120 and Signs of use, but clean $2,995 is $125.  This alone will make this investment into easyCover pay for itself.

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