Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review of Battery Grip Holder Pack For Nikon D750

I decided to save some money when buying a battery grip for the Nikon D750 and bought an off-brand.

On Ebay I found High Quality Multi Power Battery Grip Holder Pack For Nikon D750 Vertical Camera for $78 and $10 for shipping from overseas. Here is the LINK

It comes with two types of battery holders. It works with six AA batteries or or EN-EL15.

The grip fit just fine onto the Nikon D750 and everything works just great.

Most of the dials are duplicated onto the back.

The Sub-Menu dial is on front just like the camera and shutter release as well. Lightweight and I like because I prefer the vertical grip when shooting verticals and adding a little more balance to me for the lenses.

Everything works just great and that is all the pros I can think of right now.

Cons–Even after turning off the camera and the grip the battery will drain just sitting around in the grip.

The Nikon MB-16 is still available for pre-order. Here is that LINK. Price is $369. If you will be bothered by the battery draining then save your money and buy the Nikon MB-16.

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