Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review of Fuji X-E2 Camera Body Update Ver 3.00 and Camera Remote APP

Two changes happened today for my Fuji X-E2. New firmware update and the second is a new app that lets you remotely control the camera. The photo above show the APP on my Motorola Turbo Android phone and the Fuji X-E2 next to it on tripod with the 18-55mm lens.

This is a great update that all Fujifilm X camera owners will love.

X-E2 Camera Body Firmware Update Ver.3.00

Details of the update:
1. AF+MF–function enables seamless manual focusing. After half pressing the shutter to autofocus on the subject, fine adjustment can then be made using the manual focus ring. After playing with this I did find this to be a really valuable upgrade. It works great. You must be in Single and not Continuous Focus Mode.
2. Enhanced wireless function for shooting from your smartphone or tablet devices*
By downloading the free FUJIFILM Camera Remote** app to your smartphone or tablet devices, users can use the Remote Control function, which allows a wealth of control, even from a distance. This functionality is great for a wide variety of shots, including group photos, self-portraits and animals in their natural habitat.
* Android™, smartphone and table devices, iPhone / iPad.
** After updating the Firmware Version 3.00, FUJIFILM Camera Application app cannot be used.
Requires installation of FUJIFILM Camera Remote app to your smartphone or tablet devices

FUJIFILM Camera Remote
3. New Classic Chrome Film Simulation DID NOT TEST [Since I shoot RAW and post process I am more pleased with this than the out of the camera JPEGs]
The X Series' Film Simulation modes represent Fujifilm's wealth of experience in color reproduction technology. "Classic Chrome", which delivers subtle colors and beautifully muted tones reminiscent of vintage reversal film, has been newly added to the existing selection.
4. Interval timer shooting DID NOT TEST [Maybe one day, but just haven't done much time lapse]
The new Interval timer shooting function allows X-E2 users to capture time lapse photography. Set the starting time, the shooting interval (1 sec. to 24 hr.) and finally the number of frames (1 - 999), and the camera does the rest.

Here the screen grabs from the app:


The APP connects with the camera much faster and reliably than the previous APP. The APP will disconnect you from your present Wi-Fi connection and look for the Fuji X-E2, which this was a real problem with earlier APP.

Overall if this were the only improvement this would be great. 

Once connected you can touch the screen for where you want the camera to focus as long as you are in AF mode.  You can control all the functions of the camera that I could test.

There is not a real time action as I had hoped. There seems to be a little delay. This is not due to Wi-Fi and the reason I know is that the Nikon D750 which I am comparing does a far superior job connecting and controlling of the camera.

I commend Fuji on upgrading my Fuji X-E2, however I wasn't ecstatic about the performance given what I am able to do with my Nikon D750.

While I am very thankful for the Fuji Firmware upgrade that Nikon seldom does on their cameras–I am not impressed with the performance as compared to their competition like the Nikon D750 W-Fi camera.


Anonymous said...

As long as it is not made available to Windows phone users, it's useless to millions of Fuji X owners! How that for "Kaizen"!

Anonymous said...

Couple of thoughts. Why not test the other 2 features before publishing a review? All X-E2 owners purchased without even a promise of a camera remote function on the system because they liked all the other features more than another camera for the price. The fact we recieved it for no charge, and that it works, is impressive to me. Thank you Fujifilm BTW. Intervalometer works great and Classic Chrome is nice if that's your bag of tea.

Stanley Leary said...

I shoot RAW and not that interested in the Film Modes since I post process images.

I wasn't that interested in time lapse so I didn't test.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. For me, the app takes too much time to connect, more than 15sec. But the image liveview on my Android device is virtually without any lag.

The complete opposite of your observations.

Stanley Leary said...

t wasn't as fast as my Nikon App, but it was faster than the previous Fuji App for connecting to the camera.

Also please note I have the latest Android device and if you have an older phone it could make a big difference.

Matt said...

Thanks very much for the rundown. I'm interested if anyone has access to video record via the Camera Remote app - as per the screenshots - or if this has been disabled for XE2? I certainly can't find the function via my ios app. Can't find any reference to this on online sources either.. I'd be interested to hear - a perfect function for Christmas. Thanks

barrasa8 said...

I own an XE 2 and have got the latest firmware 3.0 however i don't get the camera remote app to work with my camera… it tries to connect but it fails … any idea why that would be ?? am i missing something?

barrasa8 said...

I have the latest firmware 3.0 for my xe 2 but i can't get to make it work with the camera remote app in android … do you know if i might be missing something?? did you have to do some extra configuration??

Stanley Leary said...

Did you update to latest App? Are you in a place with Wi-Fi signals or radio signals? Those can all interfere with connectivity.