Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nikon D750 Settings

I was asked what my settings were for the Nikon D750. Here are most of those settings, but I want to be sure you know up front these are not what I use every time. I do modify these based on situations.

However this is how I generally leave the camera set.

  • Aperture Priority
  • Slow Flash Sync
  • Auto Focus - Single
  • Auto Focus - Auto set to find faces
  • White Balance A1
  • RAW
  • Matrix Metering
  • Auto ISO
    • Lowest ISO 100
    • Highest ISO 12800
    • Shutter Speed 1/500

I am post processing all images through Adobe Lightroom 5.7.

The number one thing I am changing first on these settings is White Balance. I will Custom White balance most of the time using the ExpoDisc.

The second thing I am changing is the Auto Focus. I will choose single point using the 51 pts to move the small box around the viewfinder where I put it most of the time on the subject's eyes.

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