Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Create HD 360º Panoramic

First of all you are going to have to invest some money in these items:

  1. Fisheye Lense – I recommend the 180º that creates a circle image. I have the Sigma Fisheye 8mm f/3.5 EX DG Circular Fisheye Autofocus Lens for Nikon AF $899.00
  2. Nodal Panoramic head – link for some on B&H Expect to pay about $500
  3. Panorama Image Stitching Software – I use Panoweaver 9 which runs for $299.00
  4. Good tripod to put panoramic head on
  5. Release cable – I use a infrared remote with my Nikon D750
  6. Adobe PhotoShop – While you can use the panoramic so you can fix the floor if you don't want a logo there. $600
Click on to see larger version
So here is my camera with my nodal panoramic head on a tripod.

Here is a side view

Now the other side

You will take 4 photos and then stitch them together with the software. I create a Cubic Panorama, which is the 6 sides of a cube.

Use a remote to keep the camera very still.

I then export that image to PhotoShop. This is where I will remove the tripod as seen in this photograph.

To get rid of the tripod [why I use PhotoShop] I go to filter and select vanishing point

Next I select the cloning tool and hold the option key and select the area that I want to clone from to fill over the tripod.

Because I chose the vanishing point the cloning will keep all the dots in perspective and makes for easy patching. Great for floors where you have tiles and other patterns that are not always squared but more often slightly askew.

Now the main reason I am using the more expensive Panoweaver is to have something that works on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. There are two versions created and one is flash based and has the little planet view that you see at the top and here below. I have you fly down into the panoramic creating a video like feel to the panoramic.

Now if that were all there is to this then it would be super easy. I have found that after doing this for about ten years that the knowledge of stitching helps you pick better locations. For that reason if you just enjoy them and would like me to create them for your place of work or something else give me a shout.

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