Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to see a photo 4 different ways

Little Planet Version

This is the same photo but I am showing it to you 4 different ways. The top photo is what we call the Little Planet view.

You need special software to do all these photos. Some Apps exist to help you create photos similar to these with your phone–just not as consistent and precise as the way I did it with a tripod, fisheye lens and special nodal head on the tripod.

iPhone Apps
Android Apps

360º Panoramic gut stretched horizontally
This is the same photo but stretched to a large horizontal photo. Often this is cropped with less sky and ground to give a more strip print. This would then be like the inside of a cylinder.

Cubed 360º Panoramic
This is the same photo but instead of how it would appear inside a ball this is how it would appear inside a box. The first four panels are the sides then the top and bottom are the last two.

This last one is an interactive 360º panoramic. You can just watch it and it will just rotate and let you see the 360º cylinder or you can click on the menu arrows to go up and down or change direction. You can also just put your mouse and while clicking and holding drag the image up, down, sideways to control it yourself.

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